Life is a journey


Ulrike started out at Werkgymnasium in Heidenheim - Germany where the main focus was on art, including printing and photography.


She then moved to Washington DC and worked for 2 great photographers (Langston – De Vincent), where she did their beautiful hand-bound black and white photo presentation books of children.


She then went to New York and started shooting models, which started the creative outlet in fashion photography and took her to Milan – Italy for 8 years. While in Milan Ulrike had various one person and group exhibits in galleries and museums, she won various photo competitions and a scholarship. Slowly the travel bug bit her and she took more and more pictures first all over Italy, then Europe. 4 years in an international stock agency Pictor London + Superstock USA doing their travel photographs editing was amazing and made her reach out even further, next came Asia, South America and Africa .


In 1999 she moved across the ocean again to LA, better Venice Beach to work for Splash News a fun British paparazzi agency, which allowed her to still go traveling and do her own pictures which are being syndicate via agencies and published around the world.


2008 the long awaited move back to the old continent, this time Rome – Italy to open Euro Splash and to be back with friends, family, culture, history, art and great food.


2013 After a nice long sabbatical finally freelancing. Tough, but nice being your own boss.

Offering professional location assistance for journalists, TV teams and photo shoots (languages spoken German, Italian and English) anywhere in Italy or Germany - photo or text research - exclusive sales of pictures or video from single photographers or agencies to any media.


The journey continues……